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Thayer Leader Development Group Ribbon Cutting Gala!!!

The grand opening gala of the Thayer Leader Development Group’s new high-tech meeting and conference rooms at The Thayer Hotel was an outstanding party by any measure.  Tray passed champagnes and fine wines, combined with an open bar and seemingly endless gourmet snacks, made for an extraordinary culinary extravaganza.  The guest list included distinguished leaders such as Lieutenant General Mike Maples, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency; Scott Smiley, Commander of the Warrior Transition Unit at West Point; and Lee van Arsdale, former Delta Squadron Commander.

Rick Minicozzi, Managing General Partner of The Thayer Hotel and CEO of the Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG), gave an impassioned talk, discussing the future of the glamorous national registered landmark.  He explained the expertise required to restore the dining room to its former glory with painstaking artistry and attention to detail.  He applauded the efforts and generosity of fellow owners such as Bill Murdy, CEO of Comfort Systems; Fred Malek, Chairman of Thayer Capital; Dan Rice, co-founder of the Marshall Fund; Tim Tyson, CEO of Aptuit; and Joe Depinto, CEO of 7-Eleven.

The National Anthem was beautifully performed by Ms. Susan Hoffman, a long-time manager of the hotel’s restaurant.  Background music was provided by Marty’s Fabulous Brass Quintet.  All night long, beautiful women in sparkling cocktail dresses were as plentiful as the Soldiers with bedazzling medals freshly earned on the fields of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A number of West Point Cadets and Instructors were in attendance, as was Brigadier General William Rapp, a former West Point First Captain and now the Commandant of the Academy.

The guests were enthralled by the new meeting and function rooms, boasting 6500 Lumen HD projection systems and 100 inch screens. Room improvements, including fancy new furnishings and Lutron lighting systems, were met with great applause.  All in all, it was a night to remember.  Hundreds of guests gave their well-wishes to the new Leadership conferencing initiative as well as the anticipated plaques honoring West Point’s Medal of Honor recipients, West Point’s Rhodes Scholars, and West Point’s Distinguished Graduates.
It is hard to imagine a finer party.  It is even harder to imagine a more selfless crowd of revelers - all of them enjoying their time together.  Time spent in comradeship before the call to duty takes many of them away again to help defend the free people of the world.


Thayer Leader Development Group announces a new Board of Advisors  

The Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) announced today that it has finalized its Board of Advisors which includes many American military, business, sports and philanthropic leaders.  The Board includes a former Superintendent of the USMA; a former Commandant of Cadets of USMA; a former Dean of the Academic Board of the USMA; a former Federal Judge of the US Supreme Court of Appeals; a Medal of Honor Recipient; a Heisman Trophy Winner; several top CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies and the four-time winning coach of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.   

The Board of Advisors will help guide the Thayer Leader Development Group to become the dominant leader development group in America.   Located on the world class leadership training grounds of West Point, with access to leaders and trainers who have led in academia, government, corporations, the military, sports and other disciplines, the Thayer Leader Development Group Board of Advisors is arguably one of the most well respected boards of any institution.   
Formed in 2010, the Thayer Leader Development Group has already hosted many corporate conferences in its new state of the art education facilities located at the beautiful and historic Thayer Hotel at West Point.  CEOs and senior staff, of companies such as 7-Eleven, Mercedes Benz, Proctor & Gamble and several other top global companies have chosen to participate with a customized program at TLDG.  The feedback from the training has been glowing, reflecting a world class Leader training experience provide by a world class leader development organization.  

The board consists of the following members:  

• LTG (ret) Dan Christman (USMA ’65) – Senior Vice President US Chamber of Commerce; former USMA Superintendent
• BG (ret) Pete Dawkins (USMA ’59) - Heisman Trophy, former CEO TransAmerica & Vice Chairman Citigroup Private Bank
• Tom Dyer (USMA ’67) - former Chairman/CEO USMA Association of Graduates
• COL (ret) Jack Jacobs - Medal of Honor Recipient; Adjunct Professor at USMA, MSNBC Military/Political Analyst
• Mike Krzyzewski (USMA ’69) - Head Coach, Duke University Men’s Basketball & US Men’s Olympic Basketball Team 2008
• BG (ret) Fletch Lamkin (USMA ’64) - President of Kansas Wesleyan University;  former Dean of Academics of USMA
• Alison Levine - Founder, Daredevil Strateiges; Founder, Climb Higher Foundation
• LTG (ret) Mike Maples (USMA ’71) -Partner, Star Strategies Group; former Director of Defense Intelligence Agency
• Bob McDonald (USMA ’75) - Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Procter & Gamble
• LTG (ret) John Moellering (USMA ’59) - Chairman of USAA; former USMA Commandant of Cadets
• Bill Murdy (USMA ’64) - Chairman/CEO of Comfort Systems
• Honorable Eugene Sullivan (USMA ’64) - CEO Freeh Group; former Chief Justice US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
• Tim Tyson (USMA ’74) - Chairman/CEO of Aptuit
• COL (ret) Lee van Arsdale (USMA ’74) - former Delta Squadron Commander; former CEO of Triple Canopy
• LTG (ret) Bob Wood (USMA ’72) – Partner, Star Strategies Group; former Deputy Commander of Joint Forces Command

The Thayer Leader Development Group is grateful to the guidance of this esteemed group of Americans for their leadership in the years to come.


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The Thayer Hotel is proud to announce the official dedication of MacArthur’s Restaurant!!

The Thayer Hotel is currently in the process of extensive internal and external renovations. These upgrades are bringing this historic property into the modern world of high-tech conference-capabilities, while restoring the hotel's old-world grandeur and inspirational beauty. The Thayer Hotel is unveiling new elaborate meeting and conference rooms; inspirational hallways with displays selected by the Academy's Superintendent, the West Point Association of Graduates, The Medal of Honor Society, and The West Point Museum; and meticulously renovated dining areas and guest rooms.

Each new guest room will be dedicated to a distinguished graduate of West Point. Each room's décor will reflect the accomplishments of an individual who has made significant contributions to the nation and the world. These rooms will embrace occupants with an abundance of luxury, high-tech convenience, and reflective inspiration. West Point has produced US Presidents, foreign heads of state, warrior leaders, renowned astronauts, and Captains of Industry. Only the most accomplished and distinguished will have a room at The Thayer Hotel named and decorated in their honor. All chosen honorees, selected by committee, will become part of the storied hotel's history. Their names and accomplishments will be listed as part of a dedication display in the lobby. Their stories will be told in perpetuity on the Thayer History Channel, running alternating videos on each individual's life and accomplishments.  The most recent of these such dedications is General Douglas MacArthur in our MacArthur’s Restaurant.  

General Douglas MacArthur is one of West Point's most famous graduates and one of the greatest leaders in American history. He graduated from West Point in 1903 as the top cadet in his class and served nearly a half century in uniform, rising to five star General of the Army and being one of the most decorated service members in American history receiving the Medal of Honor, three Distinguished Service Crosses, seven Silver Stars and two Purple Hearts among his many awards. He led soldiers in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. He is one of the most celebrated and also one of the most controversial leaders in American history. West Point had profound effect on his life and he in turn had a profound and lasting effect on West Point. The Thayer Hotel and the original West Point Hotel were also profoundly impacted by General MacArthur.

He grew up as an Army brat, the son of a Medal of Honor recipient. He entered West Point in 1899. His mother lived in the West Point Hotel on Trophy Point throughout his four years as a cadet. He excelled at West Point as a cadet and rose to be the First Captain, and ranked #1 academically in his class. He was the manager of the then fledging new sport of Army football. Eighteen years after graduation he would return as a Brigadier General and Superintendent, and he would lead the expansion of West Point in a massive building plan that included the construction of a new hotel to replace the aging West Point Hotel, and the Thayer Hotel.

After graduating in 1903 he served as an engineering junior officer and aide de camp and deployed to Mexico as part of the Vera Cruz expedition in 1914. With World War I raging in Europe the US entered the war in 1917. A new division was being formed and Douglas MacArthur was chosen as the Chief of Staff of the 42nd Division. During the deployment he served as a Chief of Staff, as a brigade commander, and as division commander during combat and the occupation that followed. He returned to West Point to lead the academy as the Superintendent in 1921 where he implemented far reaching reforms and an expansion of the academy. While Superintendent he wrote a now famous quote and had these words inscribed over the entrance of the cadet gym:

Upon the fields of friendly strife
Are sown the seeds
That, upon other fields, on other days
Will bear the fruits of victory.

After leaving West Point he served in the Philippines. He was the head of the 1928 American Olympic Committee. He was promoted to General when he was chosen as the Chief of Staff of the Army in 1930. In 1935 he served as a Philippines military advisor and retired from the US Army in 1937. He was given the rank of Field Marshal by the Philippine government and lived in the Philippines until 1941 trying to build the Philippine Defense Force. He married Jean Faircloth in 1937 and they had one child. With the Nazis occupying most of Europe and with the Japanese gaining ground across the Pacific he was recalled to active duty in July 1941. After the Japanese attack against the United States December 7, 1941 and the invasion of the Philippines, MacArthur fought a delaying action in the Philippines, but was ordered to leave the Philippines to Australia by President Roosevelt in 1942 to command allied forces in Southwest Pacific Theater.

He led the allied efforts against the Japanese in the Island hopping campaign with attacks in New Guinea, the Admiralties and western New Britain, the Solomon's and then retuned to liberate the Philippines in 1944. He was promoted to General of the Army in December 1944. He commanded the surrender ceremonies of the Japanese aboard the USS Missouri September 2, 1945. He commanded the occupation of Japan and was instrumental in the demobilization of the Japanese military forces, the re-building of the economy, drafting of a Constitution and significant reforms of land redistribution, education, public health, and women's rights. His decision to retain the Emperor and not to try Emperor Hirohito for war crimes was instrumental in helping Japan recover and join the world community. His statesmanship in leading Japan from an enemy to one of the most peaceful and prosperous societies in the world was one of his greatest contributions to the world.

In 1950 North Korean forces invaded South Korea and General MacArthur was selected to lead allied efforts as the UN Supreme Commander. He led an audacious and successful attack at the port of Inchon in September 1950 which broke the back of North Korean forces. In November however, Chinese forces crossed the border attacking UN Forces with overwhelming force driving UN forces all the way to Seoul. On April 11, 1951 President Truman relieved General MacArthur because of insubordination in one of the most controversial events in American military history. He returned to the United States for the first time since before World War II and received a heroes' welcome and a parade on Fifth Avenue in New York.

He accepted the role of Chairman of the Board of Remington Rand Corporation in 1952. He lived in relative seclusion in the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. On May 12, 1962, General MacArthur was awarded the Thayer Award at West Point, where he gave one of the most iconic speeches in American military history, usually called the "Duty, Honor, Country" speech (below). Only two years later, in 1964, he died in Washington, DC and is buried in Norfolk, VA.

General MacArthur has been honored across America with his name adorning airports, highways, and buildings. MacArthur Airport in Long Island bears his name. At West Point near the Superintendent's house is MacArthur statue, in front of MacArthur Barracks. The Thayer Hotel has honored General MacArthur by naming the main dining room as MacArthur's Restaurant. In 1977 Gregory Peck portrayed General MacArthur in the movie "MacArthur". Countless books have been written about General MacArthur, including William Manchester's 1978 biography "American Ceasar". The NCAA Division I Football Trophy is named after him as "The MacArthur Trophy" which was donated in 1959 to the NCAA from an anonymous donor in to honor General MacArthur and has inscribed one of his famous quotes "There is no substitute for victory". 

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