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Glowing Testimonials For Corporate Meetings At The Thayer  

Host meetings and special events at The Historic Thayer Hotel and forge an indelible impression with your colleagues and clients. See what past guests of The Historic Thayer Hotel are saying about their corporate meeting or executive retreat.

"Thank you for the truly outstanding experience you provided our P&G leaders at West Point.  There is nothing more important to P&G’s continued success than the development of strong Leaders with the character, values and capabilities required to lead.  Our two day meeting was definitely time well spent towards this objective.  And your team’s personal commitment to tailoring this event to our unique needs is what made it work.  We share with West Point the privilege and responsibility of inspiring our employees with a strong sense of purpose.  Thank you for your help on our journey.”


            Robert McDonald

            Chairman and CEO

            Procter & Gamble


"The training and development conducted by the Thayer Leader Development Group was truly outstanding.  We held a two day session for several executives in our company, and all of us came away energized by what we learned and ready to take on the next leadership challenge.  The topics taught were impactful, and the instructors were inspiring.  I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to invest in the leadership development of their team.”

            Joe DePinto

            Chief Executive Officer


"My team had a truly once in a lifetime experience and learned a lot more about themselves at our meeting. The meeting was a great vehicle for team building and interaction and for taking a different, more exacting look at ‘leadership.’ It was a great experience as I knew it would be and Rick and his team did a great job!”

            Tim Tyson

            Chairman and CEO



"It is appropriate that the theory and application of leadership, as refined over 200 years is now available to the nation through the Thayer Leader Development Group at the Thayer Hotel located at West Point. The recognition of leadership as a competitive tool to enhance organization performance is critical to any organization's success. 
I have experienced first hand the principles of ethics and leadership being taught by TLDG. The ability to gain this perspective on making teams more effective is valuable for any organization."

            Herman E. Bulls


            Public Institutions, Jones Lang LaSalle

"Thank you on behalf of P&G’s leadership team for an absolutely terrific experience.  The concepts, tools and rich dialogue that you brought to our team have inspired us and stretched our thinking as we look for new approaches to how we grow and develop leaders at P&G.  The time that you took upfront to understand our challenges and work with us to build a customized program is what made it so special.  There are many insights that came from the session which we will take forward.  Thanks for sparking a whole new dimension of discussion and ideas.”

            Laura Mattimore

            Director, Leadership Development

            Procter & Gamble

"I cannot tell you enough how much I support the leader development program. The lessons we got last week fully grounded in the latest leadership research and combat tested are lessons not only relevant but desperately needed in corporate America!  Values based is sorely lacking and in my opinion only one institution can credibly deliver that message.”

            Stephen Cannon

            Vice President, Marketing

            Mercedes-Benz, USA

"I came away from the meeting and events with a sense of such respect for everyone at West Point and the Thayer management team.  I was touched beyond words with the way everyone worked together with passion and the desire to deliver beyond our expectations. The people, the place, the environment, the energy and everything in between was ‘spot on’ and I was fortunate to be part of the success. We all felt the meetings and events were by far one of the best we’ve ever participated.”

            Holly Hehemann

            Manager, Executive Meetings

            Procter & Gamble

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