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Prepare to be thrilled with unparalleled service and an inspirational environment few have experienced.  The Thayer Hotel’s meeting/conference experts will take care of even the smallest details, while you focus on what’s important—the content and outcome of your meeting.
Our Complete Meeting Package offers you a fixed per-person, per-day rate inclusive of service.  We deliver the luxurious and essential benefits you need to make your next corporate meeting, conference, or seminar a success.  Customers are wowed by our flexibility and tireless attention-to-detail.  Our in-house support team will take care of your meeting’s unique requirements and accomplish your mission demands with style and class.

The Ultimate Complete Meeting Package includes:

Guest Rooms without Limits

Three types of indulgent guest rooms are available: Standard, Deluxe and Suite. Obviously, you expect heat lamps for comfortable post shower drying off.  Naturally, you want convenient room service when the need grabs you.  It goes without saying that you might want a nice refrigerator stocked with your favorite beverages.  How about deluxe mattresses that lull you off to sleep after a tough day of team building?  We even provide wireless high-speed Internet in all rooms and all common areas at no additional charge.  That’s correct, no up-charging and no gouging; just fair, high-quality services at a fair price.   See guest rooms   for more details.

Meeting Spaces that Set the Standard

Our meeting rooms offer state-of-the-art technology, including 6500-lumen projection systems, high-speed Internet access to all participants, and advanced lighting controls. Your meeting space is set to your specifications. Want to control the lighting to customize your event – done.  Need to darken the room, but hoping to maintain a view of the majestic Hudson River – why do you think we put in run-silent designer motorized shades that filter the ambient light?  All general sessions have abundant free amenities including: projection screen, flipchart, paper and pens, unlimited snacks and beverages, etc. See floor plans for details.

Meals to Remember

The Thayer Hotel serves an elegant buffet-style breakfast, mouth-watering lunch options (including our famous sun-dried tomato turkey wrap), and even a four-course sit down dinner in our historically renovated dining room that has served many US Presidents and foreign heads-of-state.

This is not your typical venue.  Presidents, including John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower have enjoyed meals here.  Generals like Douglas MacArthur and Omar Bradley have held court at our tables.  Enjoy.  Stop and take time to reflect on where you are and who has sat here before you.  Oh, and you might want to look around the room.  Chances are good that the group of Generals to your left is deciding on plans and policies that will shape the world for years to come.  Unsure how to greet that foreign head of state at our award winning brunch – just ask the foreign ambassador ahead of you at our chocolate dessert fountain.  He will be kind enough to explain accepted protocols in this environment.

Continuous, Non-Stop, Never-Ending Refreshment Breaks

Every single one of our meeting packages includes continuous refreshment breaks. Located conveniently near your general session, this oasis of thirst-quenching, hunger-zapping nourishment keeps your team battle ready and mentally sharp.  We offer every conceivable beverage and snack for your team to enjoy between team-building events.  Have a special request – you’re kidding right?  Do you think it will be something we haven’t heard before?  A dignitary from Europe asked for the same thing two weeks ago.

Remember, at The Thayer Hotel, your team is the VIP.  It is your show.  We are just here to take your mind off the little stuff so you can focus on the issues critical to the success of your business, your NGO, your governmental entity, or your task force.  You say jump; we just ask, how high?     

Recreation and Inspiration Beyond Compare

Maximize your group’s time at West Point with customizable team-building activities that exceed your group’s demanding expectations.  From paint-ball battles to true combat-simulation experiences in advanced military simulators; from horseback-mounted treks to sailing classes; from customized private tours of Revolutionary-War historic sites to world-class shopping; from Division-I college sports to formal military parades with the oldest and proudest US military band on Earth.  Yes, the band at West Point pre-dates our nation.

It is all here at The Thayer Hotel.  Plan your meeting to take full advantage of our location at West Point. And most importantly, take time to reflect on where you are.  General George Washington had his headquarters on this sacred ground.  He drilled troops here to prepare them to battle mercenaries led by the British. When you hold your meeting at The Thayer Hotel at West Point, you are giving your team a chance to reflect on their values and letting them redefine what is important to them.  See you soon.   

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Convenient Packages For Upstate New York MeetingsCombine business with extraordinary service and elegant lodging at The Thayer Hotel. This historic Upstate New York meeting hotel features an array of settings for events large and small. Be sure to ask about our customized packages for New York State meetings, conferences, and other events when booking your group.

The Thayer Hotel, the only full-service luxury hotel on the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge to Albany, NY. To learn more about our services for your Upstate New York meeting, please contact our conference sales professionals at - or click here for an Online Request For Information.