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Precision And Expertise For Hudson Valley Retreats

Looking to inspire your troops? There’s no better choice than The Historic Thayer Hotel at West Point. Located on the grounds of the United States Military Academy at West Point, The Historic Thayer Hotel is an inspirational site for your next Hudson Valley retreat, meeting, or conference.

The Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) is a project that brings together the very best of proven-leader-development-practices, creativity, discipline, and team-focused developmental-activities. With world-recognized instructors who are the top scholars, researchers, and educators in all aspects of leader development, TLDG offers hands-on teaching from seasoned leadership practitioners who have successfully led organizations ranging in size from several dozen to several hundred people.  This combination of cutting-edge scholarship with extensive live application is the TLDG’s unique positioning in the executive education space.
Current management-thought-leaders are emphasizing the positive benefits of a robust connection between simultaneous government and civilian leadership initiatives on a global scale. One effort cannot succeed without the other. The Thayer LDG is positioned to be the center of this significant movement toward a world that needs public and private leaders of vision, integrity, and unimpeachable character.

We’ll provide the necessary tools for superlative West Point retreats, each designed around your organization’s goals & objectives.